Rules and Regulations

The following shall be eligible for the Life Membership of the Association

  1. All present Alumni of the B.K. School of Business Management.
  2. All members of teaching staff, as defined in B.K. School of Business Management ordinance, with 3 years’ standing at B.K. School of Business Management.
  3. The Director of B.K. School of Business Management.

A member of the Association shall cease to be such a member if he / she resigns from   his / her membership or is of unsound mind or is convicted by a court for any offence involving moral conduct or on termination of the membership by the Executive Committee for compelling reasons.

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An Alumnus will be considered a member of the association

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only after completion of all the registering formalities including the payment of membership fees.

It shall be the duty of a member to keep  the Association  informed about his / her current address, contact phone number, email address, etc., so that proceedings of the Association activities and meeting notice could be sent to him/her.

The association may initiate, maintain and regulate chapters of the association within India and abroad as may be considered desirable by the alumni. The Executive committee shall decide on the recognition/de-recognition of a chapter.

All members are bound by the constitution of the Association and they are expected to

  • Encourage enlightened, active and positive participation of alumni in University and Alumni Association affairs and activities.
  • Attend General Board Meetings held once a year and participate in Committee meetings.
  • Serve as an ambassador in the community on behalf of the BK School Alumni Association and BK School of Business Management.

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