About Us

Every institute, as it grows older, it is its alumni that becomes its key strength. It is the alumni which carries the image of the institute to the corporate world and it is that image which makes the institute a success or a failure.

B. K. School of Business Management, established in July 1976, can proudly boast of its vast network of alumni build over 39 years.

It was high time a platform be provided for the Alma Mater to connect with each other and expand the horizon of reach for the past, present and future students

With the B.K. School Alumni Association finally being registered, this page has been created and will be maintained by the association to keep in touch with the Alma Mater across the world keeping them updated about the activities of the association as well as the school.

This association will consist of members who have passed any of the degree courses offered by the school (MBA – FullTime, MBA – Evening, Maritime MBA) as well as all the permanent professors of the institute who have been more than 2 years with the school on a permanent basis.

The association was formed with an aim to have an official Alma matter for the school to connect so that the Alumni & the School work together for the development of the future BKites as well as connect the Alumni for their collective growth.

BK Alumni Association is registered with the office of the Charity Commissioner as a charitable organisation and donations to the association are entitled to tax benefits under Section 80 G(5) of the Income Tax, 1961.